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We are proud to include Manz Wine to our portfolio. We were able to visit their winery in summer 2018 and was able see their amazing creation and their robust wines. The quality of these wines were outstanding and a great representation of what the Portuguese terroir has to offer.

Their Story: The Manz family moved to the quiet village of Cheleiros, West Portugal, in 2004 and quickly fell in love with people and the place.The strong history of wine in the region strongly captivated André Manz that, with the help and advice from locals, decided to try to produce for his personal consumption.


Almost forgotten in the newly acquired vineyard, there were about 200 white grape strains, from a variety that neither the young winemakers in the project or the locals of the region could identify. When discovered, the production of the grape – Jampal – was highly discouraged to André. The remaining supply in abundance, and the low profitability of large-scale Jampal - why was almost extinct in the country, explained the advice.


But André wants to try anyway: “I do not want to do too much wine, I want to make good one”, he said. The result was surprising: his wine was unlike anything that no one had tried so far, providing an opportunity for unexpected business and the motto for the production of other Portuguese varieties, as well as the ones in vineyards in prime locations: Alto Douro and Palmela.

Concept: Manzwine emerged based on the same philosophy that led the Manz family to bet on Jampal: its maximum value is quality. The concept is close to a little boutique wine shop, with premium products rich in flavor and made with passion and result of old dreams. With 9 different labels, the Manwine currently exports to several countries, from Poland and Denmark to Singapore or Brazil, having really fans of the brand

Mission:  Manzwine’s project begins with the discovery of a grape variety, but soon evolve into the desire for restoration and rediscovery of a region that continues to transport visitors to another era, in which the wine having the leading role.


The recovery of the tradition and dynamism of Cheleiros is one of the most important goals of the Manz family, which currently is impossible to dissociate from its wine business. Just over 20 minutes from Lisbon, the Manzwine offers a unique and complete experience for wine lovers, and there is nothing like so close to the capital.


Their investment began in Largo da Praça: the Old Primary School, once abandoned, is now the “Lugar do Vinho”, the winery that centralizes all the production of Jampal. Also, the winepress now welcomes the Manzwine store, a permanent exhibition of artefacts from other times that locals call Museum.


The space is open to the public every day, with previously scheduled wine tastings and visits to vineyards and Roman Bridge, precursor of the brand logo.

Winery Visit 2018
Manz Museum
Tour of their town

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